VIDEO: Hoisting the Dog (onto a Lighthouse)

Bay Bulletin enjoyed a special opportunity to tour the ongoing private restoration of the Baltimore Light (AKA the Baltimore Harbor Lighthouse) while sampling dark & stormies and taking in an excellent sunset last week.

Baltimore Light celebrates its 100th birthday this year, and the routine challenge for its owners and guests is to achieve access to the main deck.

The humans scale the ancient ladder about 30 feet up, then squeeze through a shoulder-width, steel-grate hatch and onto the deck. Then, they must hoist the ice, water, fried chicken, chips, beer and rum with a 4:1 block and tackle system rigged on a davit, one bucket at a time.

And then, there’s the dog. The party can’t begin without Bandit. Watch below as the surprisingly calm pup is hoisted up to join his people.

We want to note that no canines were harmed in this adventure.

-Joe Evans