Want Something Extraordinary? 

Tired of wishing your home felt more inviting, relaxing, and fun? Do you know that feeling you get when you go to a tropical resort either on vacation or a special work event? Yeah, that one—when you just don’t want to leave that full-body immersion of relaxation and pampering behind. 

We are finding that our clients desire this feeling when building or remodeling on the water. Whether it’s your primary or vacation home, it is important to transform your home, (your personal space) from being ordinary into something extraordinary. This can mean different things to different people because it needs to be personal. This is why Creative Spaces Remodeling starts every project by being superior listeners. We want to know what our clients truly desire before we start designing. 

Our in-house design team, which consists of our architect, interior designer, and our selections coordinator all work to bring our client’s needs, wants, desires and imagination all together when creating your personal resort-like feel and comfort. 

We are in the middle of summer—if this is something you would like to explore and enjoy next summer, now is the time to start designing. We have seen an incredible slowdown in the permitting process over the last year and depending on the challenges, it has been taking anywhere from three to 12 months or more to obtain a building permit. 

Along with the permitting process, I always suggest that we don’t rush the design process. Let’s make sure we think through everything before we start building. I never want my client to say at the end of their project, “I wish we would have…….”. I want them to say, “This is extraordinary.” 

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