Hull Shield Ultrasonic Antifouling 

Capt. Steve with BoatTest reveals how Hull Shield Ultrasonic Antifouling can save boat owners thousands on routine divers, bottom paint and haul outs.

Tired of the headache of barnacles and slime? Looking to save thousands annually on antifouling maintenance? Watch Capt. Steve of‘s review of Hull Shield’s ultrasonic antifouling systems —a solution that can provide significant cost and time savings to the boater.

The test was conducted on an Aquila power catamaran that had been in the water for nearly a year. Over the course of the year, there were no diver-cleanings or any other types of antifouling maintenance besides the Hull Shield system. The low-power ultrasonic system had been operating around the clock to provide the sole antifouling measure and the results were spectacular.

Capt. Steve demonstrates how this ultrasonic technology creates sound waves that build a barrier around the hull and running gear. The sound barrier repels barnacles, oysters, mussels, algae, sponges, grass, and other types of marine growth. 

Having a Hull Shield system can help boat owners save thousands on divers, bottom paint, and haul outs. See this breakdown of the cost savings in detail. is a trusted resource and Capt. Steve has an uncanny ability to explain new technology and products, describing the nuances and benefits of the Hull Shield system. It’s fairly simple—the controller sends ultrasound signals to transducers attached to the hull or running gear, the transducers receive the high-frequency signals and transform them into ultrasonic pulses. Each pulse creates a microscopic shockwave that runs across the hull and drive-gear repelling barnacles and slime. 

Hull Shield offers systems in two configurations. The HD100 ultrasonic antifouling system comes with four transducers and a low-cost The HD1 ultrasonic antifouling system has a single transducer. Although this is an emerging technology, the Hull Shield systems seem to be priced quite affordably for what they offer.

The systems can be installed in a single day with basic tools. The transducers are easily attached directly to the inside surface of the hull or drive with the supplied 2-part epoxy. There are no through-holes or special work required, so the installation of Hull Shield products is non-invasive and straightforward.

In Capt. Steve’s review of the products he discovered that these systems also have a positive and healthy impact on the environment.  A key benefit of Hull Shield is that it can extend the life of bottom paint by more than double because less paint is removed by abrasive cleaning—the paint stays on the hull. Extending the paint life by a factor of two reduces the amount of toxic paint introduced into our waterways by half. As more boat owners adopt this technology, it could significantly reduce toxins being introduced into Bay waters. While Hull Shield’s products do not eliminate the need for bottom paint, they can reduce the impact in a meaningful way.

Hull Shield’s ultrasonic antifouling systems can save boat owners time, fuel, and money, all while contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment.