Competitive eater and YouTube star Raina Huang brought her bottomless stomach to crab country. Photo: Phillips Seafood

Competitive Eater Tackles All of Phillips’ Crab Dishes—in One Sitting

Lots of people who dine at Phillips Seafood order the crabcakes or other crab dishes—after all, that’s what the Bay restaurant chain is best known for. But when a nationally famous competitive eater comes to town, she orders ALL of the crab dishes, and devours them all.

At the Phillips location on Baltimore’s Inner Harbor on Friday, Raina Huang took on the “All Things Crab Food Challenge”, created just for her. She made her way through the entire menu of crab dishes, from crab rangoon, Maryland vegetable crab soup, crab mac & cheese hot dog, crab burger, snow crabs, and yes, blue crabs. (but did she pick them, too?). The star of the show was the Ultimate Crabcake, which Phillips advertises as having 100 percent jumbo lump, “the best of the best”.

Huang estimates she ate at least three pounds’ worth of crabmeat. She says she enjoyed the crab, even in such large quantities, and didn’t feel sick in the least.

That’s because Huang has tackled numerous food challenges all over the world. She rose to fame after setting a speed record for In ‘N Out Burger’s “50×50” challenge—eating a cheeseburger with 50 beef patties stacked between the buns. And in Fresno, Calif. she once ate six pound of pancakes and 10 eggs in a sitting.

We don’t know exactly what market price for all the crab dishes at Phillips was, but Raina could probably afford it if she were footing the bill. With some of her food challenge YouTube videos reaching 1 million views, the competitive eater is reportedly to worth about $1.5 million.

-Meg Walburn Viviano