What’s a Custom Home?

Whether you’re talking about a major home remodel or a ground-up project on an open lot, you are creating a one-of-a-kind custom home to fit your needs and desires.  The end goal is the same, create a home that fits your lifestyle.

Interestingly, we typically think of a custom home as one that is built from scratch on an open piece of land.  However, what we don’t always think about is changing your existing home into a home that is customized down to every detail to fit your life and family. 

At Creative Spaces Remodeling we do both major remodels and ground-ups. In most cases, when building a home from the ground up, we are first tearing down an existing home to build the new one.  The result is a custom home either way.  Often our clients prefer to evaluate both options; it typically comes down to the cost.  Our first step is to listen carefully to our clients, so we fully understand what they want.  Then we evaluate the feasibility of both options regarding permitting guidelines, the complexity of construction and the overall budget.  We call this first design phase a Feasibility Study.

If you love your location but the house doesn’t work, there are options that Creative Spaces can provide.  Call Creative Spaces Remodeling: 410-867-0407.