Tomahawk Steak Cooked on the Grill from Taney Farm

Serve Beef Raised Along Battle Creek at Taney Place Farm

Supporting local farms and getting the tastiest meat is a joy when you combine it with spectacular waterfront views along the Chesapeake Bay. Taney Place Farm located on Battle Creek has roots dating back to the early 1800s. This historic waterfront farm has been lovingly tended by one family for ten generations.

Originally established as a tobacco farm, Taney Place has evolved over the years, diversifying its offerings to include a thriving livestock operation. Today, the farm boasts a wide array of crops, including corn, wheat, soybeans, hay and straw. However, it’s their Angus beef that really steals the show.

“My kids are the tenth generation,” beams Katie Wells, a proud custodian of this family treasure. As she oversees the day-to-day operations, Katie welcomes patrons to the farm shop and happily explains the different offerings and cuts of meat available.

“I never expected to be a farmer, but I love working with my children around me,” Katie reflects, highlighting the unexpected journey that led her to this vocation. Surrounded by the green fields and the waters of the Bay, it’s easy to understand the allure of Taney Place.

The farm’s most enchanting feature is the view of the river from the on-site farm store, but it’s equally fun to watch the cattle, as I discovered on a recent visit. Customers like myself are treated to a visual symphony of nature’s beauty while perusing the delectable offerings. From the farm-fresh eggs to the mouthwatering tomahawk steaks, every product is a testament to the Wells’s dedication to quality and sustainability.

“Folks try our meat and never want to go back to their big grocery store,” Katie said, her words underscored by the undeniable difference in taste and texture in the meat I purchased. My family and guests were equally impressed by the beautiful tomahawk steaks after tossing them on the grill and serving them with compound butter. 

Beyond beef and eggs, Taney Place Farm also plays host to a menagerie of animals, including hogs and cage-free chickens. Labrador retrievers, another cherished part of the farm’s identity, are bred by Charlie and Katie Wells, and you might be lucky enough to see puppies during your visit.

Taney Place Farm and the Wells family stand as a beacon of what can be achieved when a deep respect for tradition meets a forward-looking commitment to sustainability and quality. For those who have the privilege of visiting, it’s an experience that lingers long after the last delicious bite.

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