The Great Bohemia River Mayoral Showdown!

In a quirky turn of events, the Bohemia River Boaters Facebook group, boasting a whopping 20,000 members, has become the stage for a lighthearted “mayoral race.”

The Bohemia River, nestled in the northeastern part of the Chesapeake Bay, has long been a hub for boating enthusiasts. The Facebook group, a virtual watercooler for its members, is a lively forum where discussions about raft-ups, waterfront events, and hilarious boating memes are the norm.

Self Proclaimed Mayor of the Bohemia River, Jonny Towers
Self-proclaimed Mayor of the Bohemia River, Jonny Towers

Jonny Towers, the self-proclaimed “Mayor of the Bohemia River” and the Facebook group’s admin, is facing a spirited challenge from fellow boater, Will Kast. What started as a tongue-in-cheek nomination has evolved into a full-blown election campaign, complete with campaign photos and good-natured smear campaigns.

The impetus for the challenge came from a concerned group member who humorously noted, “Since Jonny Towers has been bailing on the Bo all season, and neglecting his mayoral duties, I nominate Will Kast as the new mayor!!” The nomination gained traction and soon the race was on.

One of the most entertaining aspects of this election has been the playful smear campaigns. A recent post humorously claimed, “Breaking News! This just in from BNN: Mayor Jonny Towers’ boat was raided by DNR and Top Secret Documents were found and recovered next to his Orange Crush Machine!”

It’s all in good fun, of course, as both candidates aim to keep the atmosphere light and jovial.

When asked about his approach to his mayoral duties, Jonny Towers shared, “We love to have fun on this river … work tends to get in the way but I try my best to be FLOATING!!! Pretty excited for the Lighted Christmas Parade that I had the opportunity to make happen!!”

Towers’ dedication to the community is evident in his track record of organizing events such as Flag Day parades for Veterans, Back the Blue initiatives, and memorable Christmas Lighted Boat Parades, and he does not worry about the election. “My die-hard boat friends always have my back!!” he says.

Mayor of the Boh Challenger, Will Kast
Mayor of the Boh Challenger, Will Kast

Towers also played a significant role in organizing the Redneck River Day in 2018 and 2019, until it was halted by the DNR. Through these events, the group has raised thousands of dollars and provided crucial assistance to those in need. Towers expresses a sense of pride in the page and its role in fostering a tight-knit community.

As the campaign continues to unfold, it’s clear that regardless of the outcome, the Bohemia River Boaters Facebook group will remain a vibrant space for boating enthusiasts to share their passion for the water. The mayoral race has injected a dose of humor and camaraderie, reminding everyone that, above all, boating is about having fun and building connections on the open waves.

In the end, whether it’s Mayor Jonny Towers or Will Kast at the helm, the Bohemia River community is sure to thrive under the leadership of these dedicated boaters.