Need the Fishing Report? Just Ask Alexa

If you need the latest fishing report for your planned angling trip, getting the info is now as easy as having a little chat with your Amazon device.

Photo: Maryland Fisheries Service DNR

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR), in partnership with digital government services developer NIC Maryland, recently announced that it will offer the Maryland Fishing Report as an Alexa Skill on Amazon Echo devices.

The report offers timely fishing information including weather and water conditions, hot spots, and the catch of the week.

By saying “Alexa, open (the) Maryland Fishing Report,” anglers will be able to hear the whole report or information for specific regions including the upper, middle, or lower Bay, as well as Atlantic Ocean and coastal bays or freshwater fishing. 

Natural Resources Secretary Mark Belton is proud of the added communication channel. “The new Alexa Skill is testament to our ability to keep pace with both technological change and customer preferences.”

NIC Maryland developed the Alexa Skill for the state at no cost.

The DNR says there will be no changes to the content, production, or posting of the regular Maryland Fishing Report.


-Laura Boycourt