Yamaha's new outboards feature advanced steering controls.

Smarter Outboards

Yamaha’s new outboards feature advanced steering controls.

Yamaha Marine has introduced Helm Master EX, the next level of customizable, integrated boat control. While this system has been available in multiple outboard applications, this new version extends most of its remarkable capabilities to single outboard boats as well, including joystick docking and maneuverability and “Digital Electric Steering” that replaces hydraulic systems. Programmable push buttons get you to your destination efficiently on autopilot and provide the ability to hover over fishing holes against the wind and tide without having to anchor.

Helm Master EX fits all current Yamaha Digital Electronic Control outboards. It can be installed by the boat builder at the factory or by dealers when repowering customer boats at the dealership, allowing boaters to customize their Helm Master EX system. For more information, visit

Suzuki Marine has developed an innovative filter that collects microplastics from outboard motor cooling water. Microplastics are an emerging ecological threat posed by countless tons of plastic waste polluting oceans and waterways like the Chesapeake Bay. Plastic breaks down into minute particles that can be ingested by fish and other aquatic life. 

Suzuki’s microplastics filter is mounted at the outflow of the motor’s cooling system, so it doesn’t impact the cooling or efficient operation of the engine. It can be installed on most Suzuki models 40hp and larger. It will be available as an optional accessory this year and will become standard equipment in future model years. For more information, visit