Keep Our Bay Serene and Clean

Boat sewage, whether treated by a marine sanitation device (MSD) or not, contains nutrients. Although one flush from one head on one boat may not add a significant amount of nutrients to the water, the effects of nutrient over enrichment are cumulative and boat sewage can present a particular problem in areas of water that do not flush well and where boats tend to congregate (such as marinas and mooring areas).

Raw or poorly treated sewage also contains harmful bacteria which is a potential source of disease transmission to swimmers and others who come into contact with contaminated waters. Also, human consumption of shellfish contaminated with sewage can result in serious illness.

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Map locations in Maryland

Map locations in Virginia

Visit for a list of sewage pumpout stations and No Discharge Zones. To report a broken pumpout call 410-260-8772.

Are you new to boating or to sewage pumpout stations?  

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