How to create the perfect space to enjoy Autumn on the Bay

As fall approaches, don’t miss out on enjoying your home’s outdoor living space and the beauty of our Chesapeake Bay.

Even as the temperatures begin to drop, it’s possible to continue enjoying all that nature provides. The key is to create spaces that have multiple functions and offer different opportunities throughout the year. This can be a challenge here in Maryland and Virginia, with our drastic temperature swings from season to season, but with some creativity and a bit of flexibility, it can be done.

With the advancement of extra-large sliding, folding, and hidden doors and windows, the ability to change quickly and easily from an indoor environment to an outdoor one is simple. I suggest creating a family room or great room that can be warm and cozy during the cold winter months, but opens up easily to another large space like a covered porch or pavilion. You want to seamlessly connect one to the other in both function, design, and feel. Your outdoor area can be equipped with gas or electric heat sources for winter and large fans for warmer weather. Along with controlling the temperature, you may want amenities such as large screen TV, comfortable furniture that can withstand the harsh elements, stereo system, fire pit, refrigerator, dining space, or even a game area. When you feel that first autumn nip in the air, you can prevent cabin fever and look forward to enjoying the beauty of the outdoors all year long from the comfort of your home.

It’s all about asking yourself, “What do I want and when do I want to do it?” Then let your design professional start creating the most favorite space in your home.

I hope you enjoy September and October as much as my wife and I do. It’s such a beautiful time on the Bay, as the temps start to fall but the water stays warm for a bit longer.

Quick Tip: Make sure you have your gutters cleaned soon if you haven’t done so. Preferably when most of the leaves have fallen, but definitely before the winter storms (rain or snow) begin.

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