Drift Bar: Baltimore’s Newest Dock Bar Experience

Baltimore’s Lighthouse Point Marina just scored a flavorful upgrade with the launch of “Drift Bar.” This new floating hotspot, nestled beside the former Bo-Brooks Restaurant, offers a fresh perspective on the renovated marina and Inner Harbor.

Balancing modern flair with tiki charm, Drift Bar is like a secret hideaway on water. Amidst the hustle of workboats and cranes shaping future docks, this spot beckons boaters and landlubbers alike with its relaxed vibes.

Sporting palm-printed shirts, the staff exudes a vacation mood. The real showstoppers, though, are the vibrant frozen cocktails served in unique glasses, perfectly capturing the modern tiki feel. Complement your drink with bites from their menu for a waterfront feast with flair.

As the new kid on the block, Drift Bar is a magnet for locals and visitors alike, especially on weekends. Expect the place to be buzzing.

For boat-bound adventurers, Drift Bar offers handy tips:

  • Arrival by Boat: As you approach Lighthouse Point Marina, the allure of Drift Bar’s designated docking area beckons. Boaters have the privilege of docking their vessels directly at the bar, and it’s all first come, first served. The convenience of stepping from boat to bar sets the stage for an evening of carefree enjoyment.
  • Order with Ease: Modern technology meets culinary excellence with Drift Bar’s “self-serve” QR code ordering system. Prepare to be tantalized by an array of delectable dishes and hand-crafted signature drinks. With a simple scan, your gastronomic journey begins.
  • Under the Starry Sky: After savoring every bite and soaking in the vibrant ambiance, you’re free to make your way back to your vessel. As the starry sky emerges overhead, the gentle lap of the waves accompanies your departure from this floating haven of indulgence.

For more details, visit and prepare for a delightful rendezvous with Chesapeake Bay’s charm.