Dee of St. Mary’s Has a New Captain

Captain Frank B. Arbusto, Jr. has taken the helm of Dee of St. Mary’s, the Calvert Marine Museum’s skipjack. Arbusto served as a relief captain on the boat in 2016 after 26 years with NOAA working as a hydrographic surveyor in support of fisheries research and resource assessment. 

As executive officer aboard the agency’s largest fishery research ship he surveyed Puget Sound after the explosion of Mt. St. Helens in 1980. Arbusto subsequently worked with the Potomac River Boat Company as a master on Matthew Hayes, the Miss Christin and the paddle-wheeler Cherry Blossom

“The museum is dedicated to the history, resources and heritage of the Bay, and my role as Captain will be to provide young people who come aboard an authentic experience sailing the Chesapeake Bay on an historic skipjack. This is a great place and I’m thrilled to be here,” said Arbusto.