4.1 Earthquake Centered at Delaware Bay

This USGS “shake map” shows where the earthquake was felt

People in parts of the Chesapeake Bay region felt a shudder late Thursday afternoon. For many, it was subtle enough to make you wonder if it was just a truck driving by.

But the U.S. Geological Survey soon confirmed a 4.1-magnitude earthquake struck near Dover, Delaware (it was originally called a 4.4-magnitude quake, but later revised down). Delaware Emergency Management Agency says the epicenter of the earthquake was in the Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge on Delaware Bay, about 10 kilometers northeast of Dover.

As of Friday morning, there were no reports of damage or injuries in the Dover area, but Delaware Emergency Management advises people to check any hanging objects or items on overhead shelves, to make sure they haven’t been loosened by the earthquake. It’s also a good idea to check chimneys and masonry walls for cracks. If you use propane gas and you suspect a leak, shut off the valve and leave the building. Do not use any electrical switches or appliances.