Waterspout Spotted Near Bay Bridge

A waterspout, the tornado’s waterfront cousin, was spotted near the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Saturday.

According to NOAA, a waterspout is a whirling column of air and mist.

Philip Harper

Boaters captured photos and video from the water, like these, shared by Philip Harper on Facebook.

The waterspout was also visible from Sandy Point state park, according to park rangers. 

As it made landfall on the Eastern Shore, a tornado warning was issued for Kent County.

If a waterspout moves onshore, the National Weather Service issues a tornado warning, as some of them can cause significant damage and injuries to people.

Luckily, in this case there were no reports of injuries or damage on land.

NOAA says the best way to avoid a waterspout is to move at a 90-degree angle to its apparent movement. They warn boaters never to get closer to investigate a waterspout.