Waterfowl Festival Announces "Community in Conservation" Partners

Just two weeks before the annual Waterfowl Festival in Easton, the festival has announced three special Eastern Shore conservation projects it will support.

Chesapeake Bay Magazine is proud to be a sponsor of the Waterfowl Festival November 10-12.

As part of its Community in Conservation grants, festival organizers have announced three groups that will benefit from the weekend’s fundraising.

First, the festival will support a University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science effort to better manage avian disease and improve food sources for waterfowl. Researcher James Pierson is studying the possibility of using native zooplankton as a natural mosquito control, instead of chemical larvicides.

Next, the festival will help the Mid-Shore Riverkeeper Conservancy to provide students with outdoor education. The “Students for Streams” program teaches all Dorchester County Public School 9th graders about the connections between people and regional habitats like marshes and wetlands.

And in the third initiative, Delaware Wildlands’ “Adopt-An-Acre, Habitat Improvement and Wood Duck Conservation,” the community can participate in enhancing habitats and nesting sites for wood ducks.

Waterfowl Chesapeake encourages people to join the Community Match Challenge, starting now, to provide matching support for all three projects. Click here to donate.

The festival will also feature big blue boxes spread around Easton, where visitors can donate cash (or “green feathers,” as Waterfowl Chesapeake calls it), to help raise matching funds for these organizations.