Nicky Stimpson will take on the length of the Chesapeake Bay on her hand-crafted wooden paddleboard. Image: Cheryl Costello

VIDEO: Woman to Take on 215-Mile Bay Paddle in Homemade Wooden Paddlecraft

When Chris Hopkinson became the first person to stand-up paddle the length of the Chesapeake Bay last year, he was so inspired by the journey that he expanded the Bay Paddle to a team event for 2021, bringing dozens of paddlers on board. Most will compete as relay teams, each person paddling a handful of miles at a time.

But a few will take on the epic paddle solo, as Hopkinson did. And one, Nicky Stimpson, will attempt to do it on a homemade wooden board—setting herself up for an even bigger challenge. Cheryl Costello joined Nicky for a fundraising race on the Severn River over the weekend, where many aspiring Bay Paddlers got some training in.