A top Chesapeake Bay chef says you may not notice the tofu in these crabcakes because of the "similar mouthfeel". Image: Cheryl Costello

VIDEO: Tofu Crabcakes? Chefs Get Creative During Crabmeat Shortage

You’ve seen the market-price sticker shock at Chesapeake Bay restaurants. The global crabmeat shortage has sent crabcake prices especially high, or prompted some restaurants to reduce the crab dishes on their menu.

But Chef John Shields, nicknamed the Culinary Ambassador of the Chesapeake Bay and author of three regional cookbooks, is thinking outside the box. He now serves a crabcake blended with tofu, and swear it tastes like the real thing!

Cheryl Costello learns how he makes it at Gertrude’s, his restaurant in Baltimore. Watch below: