VIDEO: How to Cook Blue Catfish Like a Pro Chef

Attention, foodies: one of the Bay region’s hottest new culinary trends is also helping to fight a dominant invasive species in our waterways. How good is blue catfish? Good enough that the Local Oyster serves up the non-native fish at its restaurants to rave reviews.

Cheryl Costello gets a lesson in catfish cooking from the executive chef, and the steps are easy to replicate at home. Watch below:

Of course, the Local Oyster can’t give away all the secrets of its delicious fish, but Chef Mark Woerner gives this recipe for the dredging process:

Sift together flour and Old Bay in a 1 to 4 ratio. Coat fish with flour mixture.

Mix 6 eggs and 1 cup water. Dredge fish through egg wash.

Coat fish with fresh Panko crumbs. 

After the fish is fully dredged, cook it up in a fryer, a skillet, or bake it at 375 degrees for 6–8 minutes.