An EF-2 tornado swirls in the distance on Church Creek off the South River. Photo: Melinda Pophan

VIDEO: EF-2 Tornado Rips Across Shores of South River, Annapolis

The scary-sounding warnings were correct. As predicted, the remnants of Hurricane Ida brought tornadoes and other extreme weather to both sides of the Chesapeake Bay. One of the tornadoes, near the South River, heavily damaged schools and businesses and ripped roofs off of homes. The National Weather Service estimated top winds at 125 miles per hour. Cheryl Costello was with Maryland’s governor, walking through the mess the morning after, and some of the damage will take weeks to fix. Watch below:

A tornado produced by the same supercell was also confirmed in Edgemere, Baltimore County, with tree damage at Fort Howard Park and North Point State Park as well as Rocky Point Golf Course and Holly Beach. The EF-0 tornado touched down about a half-hour after the Annapolis tornado, and traveled a path of about 6.7 miles, with the only reported damage being uprooted trees and snapped branches.