The recognizable red and white stacks come down. Photo courtey of Bowleys Quarters VFD and MET21.

VIDEO: Developer Implodes Power Plant’s Landmark Smokestacks

The name “C.P. Crane Generation Facility” might not mean anything to you, but if you’ve boated in the Middle River area of Baltimore County, Md., you know its red-and-white-striped smokestacks.

Located on a 157=acre shuttered coal plant in Bowleys Quarters, the 300-foot-tall stacks have long been used as aids to navigation. But not anymore.

The power generation facility was imploded Friday morning by Charlotte, N.C.-based developer Forsite Development, Inc.

The developer, which specializes in redeveloping heavy industrial sites, carried out the planned implosion with the help of an explosives contractor, at 8.a.m. Forsite says no adverse impacts were reported, though some roads and waterways were closed before the implosion as a precaution. They reopened shortly after.

“Planned implosion is the preferred method for felling such structures as it is considered safer for workers than dismantling the facility. Crews can begin processing the metals and debris from the facility now that it is safely on the ground,” Forsite explains.

Maryland Natural Resources Police and the Baltimore County fire and police departments were on hand to help with safety measures during the process. Marine Emergency Team 21 (MET21), an all-volunteer marine response crew, monitored from the water, where the implosion was impressive even from a distance.

Watch Forsite’s drone video below to see the dramatic crumbling of the facility:

Dozens of boats gathered (at a safe distance) to watch the implosion. As if it were a summertime Bay fireworks grand finale, several boaters honked their horns in celebration when the implosion ended.

The community had mixed feelings about the facility being leveled and the striped stacks being gone. One boaters commented, “Going to miss the stacks. They were great for navigation on the Bay,” while another joked, “I’ll never find my marina now!”

So what is to become of the now-leveled site of the 400-megawatt coal plant? According to local reports, residential development is a possibility. But Forsite has not released details.

“We look forward to continuing our dialogue with community members to identify a mutually beneficial
development plan for the property,” says Tom McKittrick, CEO.

-Meg Walburn Viviano