The Annapolis Boat Shows saw some of their highest attendance ever. Photo: Joe Macleod

VIDEO: Attendance Up at Annapolis Boat Shows


The U.S. Sailboat Show has just wrapped up, closing the door on the first boat shows held in Annapolis since 2019. While the pandemic created major challenges for boat dealers and other members of the marine industry, it also fueled a renewed fire for new and lapsed boaters to get onto the water.

If the Annapolis Boat Shows sail and power events are any indication, this boating boom isn’t slowing down. Ticket sales were up at the U.S. Powerboat Show and at the sailboat show, attendees lined up almost an hour before show gates opened.

Cheryl Costello brings us some of the highlights from both shows as we wave goodbye to a memorable 2021 boat show season. Watch below: