The rowers celebrate their world record at the finish. Photo: World's Toughest Row

VIDEO: Annapolis Rowers Set Ocean Crossing Record

A two-woman team has achieved what sounded impossible: a 3,000-mile Atlantic Ocean passage in a rowing shell. When we first met at the Annapolis Boat Show back in 2021, this local sailing rigger had teamed up with a Canadian boat captain for an ambitious plan to attempt the Canary Islands-to-Antigua crossing known as “The World’s Toughest Row”.

More than three years and lots of training later, the women completed the race in their ocean-going rowing shell, sleeping two hours a night and eating when they could. They set a womens’ pair world record with a time of about 45 days and 7 hours.

Cheryl Costello catches up with the triumphant rowers on the incredible challenges they faced. Watch below: