This is only a Drill: Susquehanna Pollution Training Exercise

If you’ve noticed unusual activity Wednesday on the Susquehanna River, be assured: this is only a drill.

The Coast Guard, Port Partners from the Susquehanna River Basin and at least six other agencies are conducting a full-scale pollution exercise Wednesday and Thursday.

The training exercise will simulate a large-scale pollution spill. It will be based out of the Harford County Emergency Operations Center. Multiple boats will be on the water, practicing “spill containment, water intake protection, wildlife rescue, oil skiming, and the establishment of a safety zone.”

The drill will help federal, state, and local agencies better prepare their responses to complex maritime incidents.

“This exercise provides a tremendous opportunity for maritime professionals from across the Chesapeake River basin to practice our inter-agency spill response while safeguarding our community, our environment and maritime infrastructure,” said Coast Guard Cmdr. Mike Batchelder, the acting Incident Commander for this exercise.