The Chesapeake Bae's Triumphs and "Oops!" Moments on the Upper Bay

22-year-old Delia Repasky, a recent college graduate better known on Facebook and Instagram as the Chesapeake Bae, is in her third week of cruising the Bay solo on a borrowed Catalina 27.

The Annapolis native went into the trip with little experience with overnight cruising, let alone solo, and has been learning as she goes. 

She’s covered an impressive distance already—from Annapolis to Gibson Island to Rock Hall to North East, with many stops in between.

Delia tells to Bay Bulletin’s Meg Viviano that her biggest challenges have also turned out to be her most rewarding moments. She also tells us how she’s making personal connections at marinas up and down the Bay.

All along the way, Delia has been sharing her experiences on social media. Her video blog, The Chesapeake Bae, is in its third episode, and in it, Delia confesses her biggest “oops” moments that would make any sailor cringe.

Watch it here:  

-Meg Walburn Viviano