Sandy Point State Park Gets Greener

Sandy Point’s picnic pavilions now have solar panels.

Sandy Point State Park, in the shadow of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, will reopen this spring boasting more energy-efficient and sustainable upgrades.

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources just made new improvements to the state park’s facilities that are expected to reduce its energy use by 45%, using almost 400,000 fewer kilowatt hours per year.

The upgrades include rooftop panels on the picnic pavilions, a new solar hot-water system, and energy-efficient bathroom and bathhouse facilities. All of the interior and exterior lighting throughout the 786-acre park has been replaced with energy-saving fixtures.

“We are pleased to be doing our part as good environmental leaders and stewards… We hope to expand and replicate this sustainable success story to more of our state lands and parks in the near future,” said Maryland Park Service Superintendent Nita Settina.