Pup SUP & Boozy Brunch: August 27th

Pup SUP and Boozy Brunch Event with Really Cute Dogs in Lifejackets

Prepare for an Puppy Paddling Sunday outing featuring wagging tails, aquatic adventures, and delightful treats! B’more Sup proudly presents the Pup SUP and Boozy Brunch event scheduled for August 27th at 10 a.m. Experienced paddlers can meet on Sue Creek for stand-up paddleboarding activities with dogs aboard, followed by a sumptuous brunch at the recently unveiled waterfront hotspot, Charly’s Waterfront Restaurant in Essex, MD. 

The driving force behind this canine-centric paddling event, Jessie Benson, the owner of B’more Sup, aimed to create an avenue for fellow dog enthusiasts to partake in paddleboarding adventures. “Around 9 years ago, I began paddleboarding with my Portuguese waterdog, and that sparked the idea to share this experience with fellow dog aficionados,” shared Benson. Since then, the Pup SUP event has blossomed into an annual tradition, providing an opportunity for dog owners to explore stand-up paddleboarding alongside their canine companions.

For those seeking to embark on paddleboarding with their furry friends, Benson recommends participation in the “First Timer Doggie Paddle class.” This session imparts fundamental insights into navigating waters safely while accompanied by your four-legged companion. Prior to introducing your pup to the paddleboard, it’s advisable to build personal confidence through a solo lesson. Acquainting yourself with paddleboarding techniques and equipment ensures a smoother integration when your loyal companion joins the experience.

Safety remains paramount throughout the event, with every participating pup required to sport a fitting life jacket. Uncertain about sizing? Benson offers clarification, stating, “Selecting the appropriate life jacket for your furry friend is a straightforward process! These jackets are available in varying sizes, tailored to your dog’s weight and dimensions. The objective is to ensure a snug and secure fit for your cherished companion.”

The event extends an enthusiastic invitation to dogs of all experience levels. Benson warmly recalls, “We’ve had the privilege of hosting an array of dogs, ranging from diminutive 8 lb darlings to stately 120 lb Great Danes. Every breed, regardless of size, can partake in becoming a paddle pup and relishing in the water escapade!”

Eager to be a part of this remarkable day? Secure your reservation for the Pup SUP and Boozy Brunch event on August 27th at Sue Creek. A $50 registration fee covers a guided paddleboarding excursion complete with equipment, a complimentary beverage at Charly’s scenic waterfront bar, and cherished memories that will warm your heart.

Don’t miss out on this tail-wagging opportunity! This event promises cherished bonding moments, laughter, and new puppy paddling friends. 

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