Photos: Ranger Tug

Pocket Yacht Co. #1 Dealer of Ranger Tugs

Annapolis-based Pocket Yacht Company is the best Ranger Tugs dealer in the nation. The company has just been named #1 U.S. Dealer for the distinctive tug-style cruising boat brand.

Pocket Yacht Company (PYC) specializes in small cruising boats with yacht-like amenities. Ranger Tugs and its sportier sister brand, Cutwater Boats are leaders in what PYC calls the the “Pocket Yacht Revolution.” According to PYC, these manageable-sized boats represent a fast-growing niche in the cruising boat market.

PYC has tallied the top retail sales among Ranger Tugs dealers, and has also expanded its reach by opening a new marina location on Florida’s East Coast, in Jensen Beach.

Both Ranger Tugs and Cutwater have awarded PYC with their Outstanding Service Award, reserved for the dealer who maintains “the highest standard of customer service as determined by Fluid Motion,” the brands’ manufacturer.

“We’re proud to have been recognized by the key brands we represent.” said PYC President, Mark Schulstad. “The dealer organization for Ranger Tugs and Cutwater includes some very seasoned and savvy businesses, so achieving these honors amidst such a strong field speaks volumes for the efforts of our people.”

-Meg Walburn Viviano