NorthCoast 235HT

NorthCoast Boats: Crafting the Ideal Chesapeake Bay Experience

The NorthCoast Legacy

Nestled in the heart of New England’s boat-building hub of Bristol, Rhode Island, NorthCoast Boats shines under the stewardship of José C. DaPonte and his family. This esteemed brand has become a beacon for those in search of sturdy, high-performance fishing boats.

DaPonte’s deep-rooted passion for the sea, inherited from his Portuguese ancestors, has propelled NorthCoast Boats to the forefront of the marine industry, creating vessels that are not only robust but also finely attuned to the needs of anglers and boating enthusiasts alike. Read about his American dream below:

Unparalleled Construction and Design

NorthCoast’s coated stringers

NorthCoast Boats stand out with their unmatched construction quality, featuring a robust, no-wood build of hand-laid woven roving bi-axial fiberglass mat for enhanced strength without the added weight. A Vinyl Ester resin skin coat adds durability, while an FRP integral grid system offers unparalleled moisture resistance and structural integrity.

Engineered for exceptional sea performance, these boats include reverse chines for stability and aggressive longitudinal strakes that provide lift and efficient water displacement, ensuring superior handling and fuel efficiency.

NorthCoast’s Stellar Cabin Models

235 HT: Ideal for those quick, impromptu fishing trips, the 235 HT offers a spacious pilot house and a comfortable v-berth, making it perfect for day trips or overnight stays. With a top speed of over 40 mph and a 124-gallon fuel tank, it combines efficiency with performance.

NorthCoast 255HT

255 HT: A testament to classic design blended with modern functionality, the 255 HT boasts a wide-open layout, private head, and exceptional visibility. It’s designed with a twenty-two-degree dead-rise able to run soft and dry across waves with a wide-open throttle of 56 mph. 

285 HT: The 285 HT features a 216-gallon fuel tank and twin 300HP engines. Its design ensures a dry, comfortable ride, with enough room to sleep four, catering to both serious anglers and family expeditions.

NorthCoast 285HT
NorthCoast 315

315 HT: The 315 HT elevates the boating experience by combining speed, capability, and comfort in one sleek package. With a 316-gallon fuel tank and features designed to enhance fishability, it’s the boat of choice for those unwilling to compromise.

Why NorthCoast Boats Shine on the Chesapeake Bay

The Chesapeake Bay, with its unique blend of brackish waters, diverse marine life, and challenging weather conditions, demands boats that can withstand its test. NorthCoast Boats, with their rugged construction and versatile design, emerge as the ideal companion for anglers venturing into these waters. Their ability to navigate through rough sea conditions while providing a stable, dry, and comfortable ride makes them a preferred choice for those who take fishing seriously. Whether you’re trolling for the Bay’s famed striped bass or cruising its expansive waters, NorthCoast Boats deliver an unmatched experience, making every trip memorable.

Pocket Yacht: Your NorthCoast Dealer

Pocket Yacht Company, a Top 100 Dealer and MRAA Certified Dealer, prides itself on offering the best-in-class delivery experience, including Captain’s Training and factory-direct pricing. As the exclusive dealer for NorthCoast Boats from Maryland all the way down to Florida, Pocket Yacht ensures that each customer finds their perfect match for the Chesapeake Bay adventures and beyond.

NorthCoast Boats, through their innovative design, superior construction, and unparalleled performance, have become synonymous with the ultimate fishing and boating experience on the Chesapeake Bay. With Pocket Yacht Company as your trusted dealer, embarking on your next maritime adventure with a NorthCoast boat promises not just a journey but a testament to a legacy of quality and the joy of fishing.

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