Buldano Turkish Towels
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Buldano Brand, is a small family business located in Maryland, specializes in Turkish towels for individual shoppers around the world, as well as wholesale peshtemal needs.
Buldano Brand Turkish towels are unique and multipurpose towels can be used at the beach or at home after bathtime, Turkish towels offer high absorbency and softness. They aren’t like fluffy towels that consumers typically find in department stores; peshtemal towels feature a texture and shape that is unique to their kind. They are light weight, they dry you so quick and absorb super fast. Also the best thing; they are compact so do not take a lot of space!


Tickets to the Annapolis Boat Shows

Give the gift of boat shows! A perfect stocking stuffer for your loved one. Buy tickets for 2018 Boat Shows. Annapolis Spring Sailboat Show April 20-22; Bay Bridge Boat Show April 27-29; United States Sailboat Show October 4–8; and, United States Powerboat Show October 11–14. Tickets on sale now at AnnapolisBoatShow.com


Nautical designs from A.G.A. Correa and Son

Designing nautical, gold, platinum and silver jewelry in Edgecomb, Maine USA since 1969. We are family-run, building customer relationships that extend through generations. Our mission is to deliver exceptional product design, quality and service to the customer ahead of time.

All shipping/insurance has been free since our business was founded in 1969, and will always remain that way.


Aw Shucks Oyster Shucker

The #1 Oyster Shucker in the industry. The fastest, safest stainless steel oyster opener in the market. Open a dozen oysters in under one minute.

In 1996, Sherry and Larry Schneider opened King Eider’s Pub in Damariscotta, Maine. Shortly thereafter, it became one of the few restaurants on Maine’s Midcoast to serve oysters. Imagine! Maine has some of North America’s finest oyster beds and only a handful of restaurants were serving these succulent bivalves. Why? Using an oyster knife to open these hard-shelled critters is difficult, time consuming, extremely dangerous, and often causing injury to the individual who decided to undertake this unpleasant task. After viewing several methods of oyster shucking and oyster opening equipment and finding them lacking, Sherry and Larry decided to create an oyster shucker that would out perform and be safer than any other oyster tool/machine on the market.


BoatiqueUSA, Give the Gift of Comfort

Created for Boaters by Boaters! Everything we sell has been specifically created and selected for boaters. BoatiqueUSA is all about a love for life on the sea. From our custom boat bedding to all the nautical nic nacs in our shop, our merchandise is geared for the boat enthusiast just like us.
Fitted Sheets- Our boating made-to-order fitted sheets are made from a template that you make tracing an outline of the top of your mattress. Each sheet is made to accommodate the thickness of your mattress with or without a mattress topper. Fitted bottom sheets have elastic completely around the bottom to assure that the sheets are held in place (the exception on the bottom sheet elastic is that when there is a reverse corner, we do not put elastic across the corner, but place a gussett to permit tucking under the mattress). Top sheets are cut to the shape of your boat’s bed, plus an additional amount equal to the thickness of the mattress and an additional 6 to 8 inches for tucking.
Guaranteed to Fit- All boat bedding custom made to fit based on our template instructions are guaranteed to fit. If they don’t fit we will repair or replace them at no charge!


Feast on the Chesapeake at Cantler’s Riverside Inn

Cantler’s Riverside Inn is the most popular restaurant in Maryland, according to People magazine.

The magazine’s food section recently released a list of the most popular restaurants in each state and Washington, D.C. Cantler’s, a longtime Annapolis crab house, was named No. 1 for Maryland.

Cantler’s owners and founders, Jimmy and Linda Cantler, are native Marylanders. Jimmy worked as a waterman on the Chesapeake Bay. The Cantler family has worked in the seafood industry for five generations.

In 1974, Jimmy started a restaurant dedicated to serving fresh seafood in a casual family atmosphere. Today, all seafood is inspected by experienced handlers to ensure only the highest quality product reaches our customers.


Meaningful, timeless jewelry from Colby Davis

Colby Davis of Boston Co. was founded in 2014 by Lia Lombara and her daughters Lexi and Taylor. Their dream was to create a meaningful, timeless jewelry collection that could be passed down through generations. Inspired by the New England coast and their love of Boston, the girls design a unique sterling silver, glass enamel and 18 karat line of jewelry.  Each pendant is made in the United States and engraved with meaningful words on the reverse that bring beauty, strength and courage into the lives of many. Layer up your Colby Davis jewelry this holiday season to spread love and cheer!


KLĒNSKIN - Give the latest generation of sunscreen

KLĒNSKIN® is the next generation of sunscreen.

Now sunscreen can be applied by merely washing, with KLĒNSKIN Broad Spectrum Shampoo, Face and Body Wash SPF 30 and KLĒNSKIN SPF 20 Bar Soap.  Just lather, rinse, pat dry and you are clean and protected. Offering protection from the top of the head to the tip of the toes, in one step.  KLĒNSKIN is the ideal base layer for everyday SPF protection.  Reapply with our light-weight, face and body, Broad Spectrum, Water Resistant (80 minutes) SPF 50 Lotion. 

KLĒNSKIN utilize CoLabs’ patented encapsulated technology- QuantaSphere®. 

The perfect gift for those who love the outdoors.

Available in-
KLĒNSKIN Fragrance Free Shampoo, Face and Body Wash Broad Spectrum and Water Resistant (80 minutes) SPF 30- 8oz bottle $28
KLĒNSKIN Spa Shampoo, Face and Body Wash Broad Spectrum and Water Resistant (80 minutes) SPF 30- 8oz bottle $28
KLĒNSKIN Kids Shampoo, Face and Body Wash Broad Spectrum and Water Resistant (80 minutes) SPF 30- 8oz bottle $28
KLĒNSKIN Broad Spectrum SPF 20 Bar Soap- 3.5 oz Bar $10
KLĒNSKIN Broad Spectrum and Water Resistant (80 Minutes) SPF 50 Lotion- 4oz tube $15


Celebrate the Bay with Chesapeake Collection

Chesapeake Collection is a high-end, lifestyle brand celebrating the bay and its timeless traditions. The company was launched in 2015 by college students Matthew Wilmer and Kevin Ames. Current products involve ties, belts, hats and a wide range of bay-themed T-shirts. The best part about the company? A portion of annual sales are donated annually to The Chesapeake Bay Foundation! Ames and Wilmer strive to support the bay by making high-quality, good-looking clothing lines to be enjoyed by bay lovers for years to come!"


Give the Gift of Grab with Fortress Anchors

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Fortress Anchors are precision-machined from an aluminum alloy, which insures faster setting and deeper penetration in common sea bottoms compared to heavier steel anchors. In holding power tests conducted by the US Navy, the Fortress anchors held 200-300x their weight, which was far superior to the performance of the competitive steel anchors in this test. 

Additionally, during recent Chesapeake Bay soft mud tests, a 21 lb Fortress anchor out-performed 10 competitive steel anchors weighing 35-46 lbs by a significant margin.   


Make their boat smell like new with Tea Tree Power

Tea Tree Power is an all-natural proprietary blend of pure Australian Tea Tree Oils packaged as a gel in various containers and also in spray form.  With Tea Tree Power Gel the surrounding air causes these oils to evaporate and circulate placing them in contact with common airborne impurities (molds, bacteria and some viruses) through a natural, microscopic attraction.  The oils in Tea Tree Power then proceed to naturally neutralize and eliminate the impurities and any associated odors.  Simply open the lid, remove the inner liner, replace the lid and set on a flat surface. The Gel evaporates to work fast and efficiently.  Tea Tree Power Spray works in the same manner however instead of a slow-evaporative release, just a few quick mists and smells are gone and air is cleaner!  For more information visit www.TeaTreePower.com

Wempe Nautical Instruments



138 Years of German Craftsmanship, Available in the USA

Wempe Chronotmeterwerke dates back to 1878 in Hamburg, Germany and has been a family-owned company ever since. Specializing in the design and manufacture of high quality timepieces, Wempe has a long tradition in maritime navigation.

Wempe offers precision timepieces inspired by the traditions of sea faring. The solid brass, chrome-platedcase of the Regatta ship's clock has a classic porthole opening and houses an elegant dial with a Corum flag design.

In contrast to the Regatta is the Pilot III ship's clock.Technically inspired, the Pilot III is housed in stainless steel case and features a mesmerizing sweeping movement. Luminova hands and markings make the clock easy to read in low light.

Wempe is committed to the traditions of maritime navigation, but also aims to be cutting edge in design. Wempe offers something for every seafarer. Available in the USA through GlobalTec Solutions LLC. 

Pilot III Ship's Clock MSRP: $225
Regatta Ship's Clock MSRP: $455


Give a new Kayak or Canoe from Goldsborough's Marine Inc.



Get someone out on the water by giving the gift of a new kayak or canoe! Check the website or visit Goldsborough's Marine in Crisfield, Maryland to see latest designs and styles of boats and gear. Whether fishing, exploring or used just to get out on the water, Goldsborough's inventory of Ocean Kayaks and Old Town Canoes will please novices and experienced paddlers alike. A helpful salesperson can walk you through the details. 


Escape to the Inn at Horn Point


For those who thought they had everything. Give them an escape from their chaotic schedule and they’ll take away an Annapolis experience! Purchase a gift certificate to the Inn at Horn Point, from just $100.

Nestled in downtown Annapolis’ historic maritime district (Eastport) just one block from Restaurant Row, the Inn at Horn Point serves the warmest hospitality and the most delicious breakfast. Here guests spend time among the locals, experiencing the fabric of Annapolis as we do: casually and carefree.  In our unhurried peninsula location, they’ll be immersed among marinas, boat yards, yacht clubs, sailing schools, galleries and the BEST restaurants.  Contact us for gift giving details or for reservation information.


Beautiful Performance - Mantus Anchors

Designed to set in very hard or grassy bottoms, The Mantus Boat Anchor has been extensively tested against the competition and will provide you with the best performance, guaranteed. No other boat anchor on the market can set as rapidly, reliably and securely.

Mantus is the best choice for your primary boat anchor. In addition, Mantus breaks down for easy storage, so there is no reason to compromise on your storm anchor choice.

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 10.18.34 AM.png

Two must-have’s for those on your holiday list:

Still Water Bending, award-winning nonfiction writer (Chesapeake Bay Magazine, Cruising World, Sailing) Wendy Mitman Clarke’s first novel, a compelling Chesapeake story of heartbreak, redemption and love by a writer who knows the Bay inside and out; and the adventure memoir, Woman in The Wheelhouse by Nancy Taylor Robson, one of the first women in the country to earn a US Coast Guard license to run coastal tugs. Robson ran the Atlantic Seaboard and Gulf of Mexico for six years. Bay-lovers, mariners, sailors and armchair boaters alike will savor these beautifully written tales.


Our Good Dog Spot- Stylish Design for Canine Friends

We believe that all our canine friends, regardless of their size, should be stylish, so we set out to design original, nautical, show-stopping dog collars that are not only gorgeous but practical, too.  We draw inspiration for our original designs from the things around us that we love. Our timeless, lifestyle collections include nautical, preppy and sporty designs, but stay connected with us, because our dreams, like our designs, are endless.

We proudly make all of our lifestyle collection dog collars right here in America.


Their boat will shine with Poli Glow!

An Industry Leader In Both Marine and RV

Providing The Highest Quality Products When It Comes To Clear Coats With UV Inhibitors.
Poli Glow’s unique mixture contains more UV inhibitors than any other ingredient and far more than any other product currently on the market. Additionally, both Poli Glow and Poli Prep are environmentally friendly and very easy to use


Shades of the Bay

Want in on a local secret? Shades of the Bay has the best selection of sunglasses and flip flops on the Chesapeake Bay. Steps away from Annapolis Harbor, Shades of the Bay has sunglasses for any situation on or off the water. From hardcore fisherman to fashionistas will find exactly what they are looking for at this Annapolis gem.

No trip to downtown Annapolis is complete without stopping in for sunglasses, flip flops or to pick up a gift for anyone from the Captain to the kids. Stop by to see what’s new at 136 Main Street or call 410-267-6663. 


Give the gift of Safety with SWITLIK

Give the gift of Safety with SWITLIK's all new Man Overboard products. SWITLIK is taking a new look at flotation for Person in Water (PIW) emergencies, focusing on underarm flotation. The newly developed Underarm Flotation Device (UFD) provides over 35lbs of inflated buoyancy, and its unique configuration keeps the PIW's head and shoulders out of the water more effectively than traditional means of rescue flotation. The UFD is made with the same quality construction and heavy duty materials as SWITLIK Life Rafts making it highly durable. SWITLIK's MOM 8-A & MOM 8-S are comprised of the UFD, in combination with a pylon and sea anchor. These items are compliant for World Sailing Offshore Racing. Additionally, SWITLIK has launched the CORD Crew Overboard Rescue Device. For this unit, the UFD is packed with 150 ft of High Visibility Floating Line (Yellow) with avg. break strength of 1,700 lbs. Made in USA.


Relax onboard with a Tufted Topper 


 Tired of waking up achy all over after sleeping on your boat?  

'Tufted Topper' provides a level of sleeping comfort you never thought possible with your present cushions or uncomfortable mattress.

Don't let another boating season go by without treating yourself to the ultra-plush 'Tufted Topper' difference.  It's an affordable custom-made upgrade for your v-berth, aft cabin, stateroom or salon.

Custom fitted sheets are also available for 'Tufted Topper' customers.


UGO A Waterproof Lifejacket for your Phone
Prior Lake, MN

Two women entrepreneurs, one a 2- time breast cancer survivor the other with a crazy idea partnered up, formed a company called ugo wear and in just 3 short years brought our invention to life!  

Introducing "ugo" The First Waterproof Life Jacket for Your Phone.  We all know that sinking feeling when a beautiful day on the water turns into an "oh no, not my phone" moment!

Whether you love Android or Apple, sailing or power boating, kayaking or paddle boarding, saltwater or freshwater we can all agree having to unexpectedly replace our phone is a costly and painful experience.

If you are looking for superior waterproof protection for your tech toys look no further.  Our waterproof phone case is made using highly engineered materials, TPU fabric made right here in the USA by NIKE IHM and a German made waterproof zipper tested to strict performance specifications. 

Not just for your iphone or android our waterproof phone wallet lets you carry your key fob, passport, credit cards and cash.  Our customers are amazed that their phones are fully functional while inside, you can talk, text, tweet, pin, post, snap and video both in and under the water and best of all it FLOATS!

So, ditch the rice bags and visit www.ugowear.com to purchase the best insurance for your phone use Promo Code - GIFT and save big!


Give a new Chartbook for Cruising from William & Heintz

Wholesale Custom Map Printing & Production Services at Williams & Heintz are Sustainable

Williams & Heintz understands the importance of building and maintaining a cleaner environment and aims to contribute in as many ways possible throughout our map production and printing cycle. We are continuously improving elements in our map making and printing process to produce the same high quality custom maps with far less negative impact on the environment.

Williams & Heintz Map Corporation has been printing maps for entrepreneurs, government agencies, and map publishers for over 96 years. We combine the highest quality pre-press, printing, and folding with industry leading knowledge and customer service.


Designer bags made from 100% Recycled Sails

727Sailbags designs and makes a range of products in France from 100% recycled sails. Completely hand-sewn, each creation is unique and bears an authentication label which traces the maritime history of the sail that it has been made from. 727Sailbags has always maintained unshakeable links with the yachting world and the ocean racing world.

The history of 727Sailbags is that of a meeting. Anna Beyou, Jean-Baptiste Roger and Erwan Goullin, - make up a trio of artisan creators, partners since 2010 and united behind our brand. Sharing common values, fanatical about boats and lovers of the oceans, we share a real passion for design and a taste for beautiful objects. This passion drives us every step of the way to develop a range of products, all made based on a circular and responsible economic logic. In tune with our environment, and in close touch with the world's top yachtsmen, every single one of our recycled sail creations is made in the workshop adjacent to the 727Sailbags Container Store, which is located in the heart of "Sailing Valley" in Lorient, Brittany.