National Aquarium Welcomes Fuzzy Wuzzy Puffin Chicks

It’s a birth announcement from the National Aquarium in Baltimore: three new Atlantic puffin chicks have been added to the Aquarium’s Sea Cliffs exhibit.

Gnocci, Viola and Willow have all arrived since July. It’s the first time three puffin chicks have hatched in one single breeding season.

The Aquarium’s puffin breeding program started in 2006, and has now produced 12 chicks.

The very first chick that ever hatched there, Princess Puffin, is now the mother to Willow, who hatched August 10th.

After  about 45 days with their parents, the pufflings will emerge from their burrows for everyone to see. They can be identified by their slender dark bills, gray legs and small stature.

“Our family grew by three, and we can’t wait to celebrate their milestones – like leaving their nesting burrows and diving into their habitat for the first time,” said Debra Dial, assistant curator of Australia and Rainforest at the Aquarium.

Here’s video from the National Aquarium of the new chicks:

-Meg Walburn Viviano