National Aquarium Treating Harp Seal Rescued off Md. Coast

Marie Tharp the harbor seal

The National Aquarium’s Animal Care & Rescue Center has a new guest inside its state-of-the-art Baltimore facility.

A female harp seal, rescued off the coast of Maryland, arrived in Baltimore January 29. She was suffering from dehydration and a “mild respiratory infection.”

The team nicknamed the seal “Marie Tharp,” after the cartographer who created the first scientific map of the Atlantic Ocean, and helped discover plate tectonics.

Right now, Marie is receiving fluids and antibiotics. Animal Rescue says the seal isn’t eating on her own, so they’re working to help her learn this skill. The team says Marie is moving in the right direction and her condition is improving.

National Aquarium Animal Rescue is also currently caring for 34 rescued cold-stunned sea turtles. The 56,000-square-foot Animal Care & Rescue Center officially opened last May in Baltimore, part of a neighborhood revitalization effort. Bay Bulletin was there for the first look inside; click here to read more.

-Meg Walburn Viviano