Miles & Wye Get New Riverkeeper, a Self-Proclaimed "River Rat"

Elle Bassett, a Chesapeake Bay native, is the new Miles-Wye Riverkeeper. She will act as the new spokesperson for the Miles and Wye Rivers as well as Eastern Bay, advocating for the protection and restoration of those bodies of water.

Bassett’s job as Riverkeeper is “to provide on-the-water vigilance and regularly patrol these rivers, ready to combat illegal pollution and serve as a guardian for these living resources.”

Bassett says she grew up as a “river rat,” and is passionate about clean water. She has worked on oyster restoration programs, water quality monitoring, and education programs in the past. She graduated from Washington College on the Chester River, with a focus on Chesapeake Bay Regional Studies, and also has a master’s degree in environmental education.

Bassett takes over for Jeff Horstman, who is now the Executive Director of ShoreRivers, the group of waterkeepers that covers the mid-Eastern Shore, and includes the Miles-Wye section. ShoreRivers was formed last fall to merge the Midshore Riverkeeper Conservancy with the Sassafras and Chester River Associations. Bay Bulletin reported on the new merger here.

Horstman says of Bassett, “The Miles and Wye Rivers could not have a better environmental advocate than Elle Bassett. She is a student of the Chesapeake Bay with strong academic and professional backgrounds in environmental outreach.”