Midshipman Captures Annapolis Parachute Jump with USNA Commandant on Camera

It’s Annapolis like you’ve never seen it before. A Naval Academy midshipman jumps from a plane 9,000 feet in the air and parachutes onto the Yard.

Midshipman First Class Simeon Brewster, who is Executive Officer of the Navy Parachute Team, wore a camera when he made the jump, so that we all might enjoy his white-knuckled view.

The video shows Brewster’s perspective of the city below, and also his jump partners, none other than the Commandant of Midshipmen, Capt. Robert Chadwick doing a tandem jump with private instructor Troy Droegemeyer.

Which Annapolis landmarks can you recognize as the jumpers make their way towards the ground? Take a look: 

-Meg Walburn Viviano