Storm surge from Hurricane Isabel, 2003. Photo: Maryland Sea Grant courtesy of Annapolis Maritime Museum

Md’s 1st Door-to-Door Survey for Flood Preparedness

People living in Annapolis and around Anne Arundel County may get a knock on their door this week, as the county surveys residents’ preparedness for potential disasters like storms and floods.

This Tuesday and Wednesday, two-person survey teams will conduct a CASPER (Community Assessment for Public Health Emergency Response) survey from 3 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Neighborhoods around the county in the city of Annapolis have been randomly selected for the 15-minute survey, which will include “questions about household disaster preparedness, health needs, and training such as CPR and First Aid. The survey will be anonymous, and no personal information will be collected,” the county explains.

The survey teams will include Department of Health staff, and volunteers from Maryland Responds and Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). They will be in county cars and wear identifying shirts and badges when knocking on doors.

The CASPER survey was developed to help public health agencies determine how prepared households are for emergencies, and provide resources in case of disasters. Anne Arundel County is the first in Maryland to put the survey to use.

For more information about the CASPER survey and the survey teams, call the Department of Health’s Office of Emergency Preparedness and Response at 410-222-4115.