Inn at Perry Cabin Ushers in Boating Season in High Style

The Inn at Perry Cabin in St. Michaels celebrated the return of its fleet Thursday, with a cruise from Annapolis to Miles River, where boats and guests were greeted with grand fanfare.

Bay Bulletin was lucky enough to join the group of power and sailboats crossing the Bay from their winter home at Bert Jabin Yacht Yard in Annapolis, to the Miles River for the start of Perry Cabin’s boating season.  The day brought strong winds and chilly on-water temperatures, but  the champagne and rosé were flowing on board, making conditions more tolerable.

The cruise fleet included Star Bright, an Alerion Express 38; Midnight Star, a Tadorne 26; Star Light, an Alerion Sport 33; Harbor Star, an Andreyale 33 French Canal Commuter; and Stargazer, a Friendship 40. Five Star, a Talaria 35 Flybridge, is also part of the Inn’s fleet.

 A bagpiper heralds the return of the fleet.
A bagpiper heralds the return of the fleet.

Guests took in the sights on the Eastern Bay and the Miles River before the final approach to the resort’s docks in St. Michaels. And they got quite a welcome.

Waiting among the crowd on the grounds at the Inn at Perry Cabin were musketeers firing welcome shots and a bagpiper playing as the boats docked. Guests enjoyed hors d’oeuvres, drinks, and plenty of sunshine as General Manager Michael Hoffman toasted the fleet’s crew and the start of a new season.

The Inn at Perry Cabin by Belmond is an iconic luxury retreat known for its high-end accommodations and spa, seen across the country when it was cast as a wealthy family’s summer estate in the 2005 comedy Wedding Crashers.

While Perry Cabin’s tony reputation is well-known, it’s lesser-known that the Inn offers extensive boating opportunities, including a sailing school, cruises and charters. There’s also an enticing “Skip the Bridge” package that provides round-trip transportation from Edgewater, Maryland to the Inn aboard the Inn’s 55-foot Hinckley for a two-night stay.

To learn more about boating at the Inn at Perry Cabin, click here.

-Laura Boycourt