Inn at Perry Cabin Serves up Oysters from New Nonprofit Oyster Farm

The nationally-recognized Inn at Perry Cabin is now serving oysters sourced directly from Phillips Wharf’s new five-acre oyster farm, just off of Black Walnut Point.

It’s a new commercial partnership between the Inn and the Phillips Wharf Environmental Center, and it’s a win-win: diners at Stars Restaurant and Purser’s Pub get super-local oysters, and Phillips Wharf gets a stead stream of revenue to support its education and conservation programs.

The Inn’s chef, Ken MacDonald, says the Phillips Wharf oysters really stand out for their taste: 

 William Wilhelm
William Wilhelm

“Phillips Wharf’s oyster farm sits right where Harris Creek meets the Choptank River,” says MacDonald. “The convergence of fresh river water with the Choptank’s brackish, saltier water offers a unique, incomparable flavor in these oysters that simply belongs at the Inn.”

The Inn also will be receiving this week its second delivery of oyster spat—an annual tradition for the Inn in conjunction with the Marylanders Grow Oysters program—an extension of its partnership with Phillips Wharf and the Midshore Riverkeeper’s Conservancy.