MDTA traffic cameras showed a foggy view of the pileup and emergency responders shortly after Saturday's crash.

Information Sought on Driver in Bay Bridge 40+ Vehicle Crash

An accident took place on the Bay Bridge in thick fog on Saturday morning, causing a chain reaction pileup. Ultimately, an estimated 43 vehicles were involved.

Police are looking for witnesses who saw a 2018 blue Honda Civic similar to this one driving erratically before the crash.

Now, investigators are searching for information about possible dangerous driving by the person behind the wheel of a car that may have started the whole mess. The Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) Police believe a blue 2018 Honda Civic was being driven erratically and at high speeds before the incident—and may have contributed to the crash.

MDTA Police ask anyone who witnessed a blue Honda Civic (like the one in the released stock photo) driving on westbound US-50 near the Bay Bridge between 7:30 and 7:45 a.m. Sat., Jan 27, to call police at 443-454-8703.

Fog was heavy the day of the crash, as you can see in this image taken from Sandy Point State Park. Photo: Tim Mangus

Adding to a potentially erratic driver, visibility was low on Saturday morning due to fog so heavy that, in photos taken from shore, it appeared the Bay Bridge was floating above the water.

Chesapeake Bay Magazine asked MDTA if drivers had been properly alerted about the fog or if any restrictions were in place.

In a statement they said, “On the morning of the multi-vehicle collision, fog warnings went into effect at 6:50 AM. Two-way operations are prohibited during…fog warnings. During fog warnings we alert motorists of reduced visibility and advise drivers to use caution via overhead and portable digital message signs. Additionally, signs are posted to alert drivers that headlights are required at all times when crossing the Bay Bridge.”

Even so, the car wreck piled up. MDTA says the initial crash involved 23 vehicles, and an 20 additional vehicles were involved in a series of secondary crashes.

Thirteen people suffered injuries. Most were minor, but two of the patients were seriously hurt and were taken to Shock Trauma in Baltimore.

The Bay Bridge was shut down from about 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., snarling traffic on both sides of the bridge and prompting vans to transport stranded drivers and passengers off the bridge during the closure.

Investigators say the crash reconstruction may take months and any potential charges related to the crash would not come out until the investigation is complete.