Hurricane Irma Expected to Remain Powerful in Atlantic for Days

Hurricane Irma is churning in the Atlantic Ocean, and is headed for the tropics. It’s a little too early to tell what will happen to her after that, though.

In an advisory Friday, the National Hurricane Center wrote that Irma is “expected to remain a powerful hurricane through the weekend.” Over the Atlantic, Irma’s sustained winds were 110 miles per hour, with gusts going even higher.

NHC says Irma is expected to turn west, and then west-southwest on Saturday. NHC’s “cone graphic” shows the hurricane heading right for the Caribbean by Tuesday.

Irma’s track is expected to become clearer after the weekend.

In a tweet on Friday, the U.S. Coast Guard is already warning people: “Keep an eye on the weather, heed all warnings & above all else – make sure you & your family is prepared!”

Coast Guard Atlantic Area gave this update regarding its plan for Hurricane Irma on Friday:

If Hurricane Irma impacts the Tidewater Area, the Coast Guard will answer the call, like always.  At the beginning of hurricane season, the Coast Guard requires personnel to develop family plans for tropical weather. This enables members to focus on their duties, knowing their loved ones are prepared and evacuated if necessary. Additionally, local Coast Guard commands have established procedures to prepare units, ports and the maritime community for forecasted severe weather.  If the storm is predicted to be dangerous, the Coast Guard will surge forces to the area of projected impact ahead of and after the storm.