Four Boat-Friendly Products to Keep You Cool When the Heat Is On

The heat of a Chesapeake Bay summer is hard to describe to one who hasn’t experienced it. You might use terms such as, “face-melting,” “pig roast-esque,” and “inspiring Iceland.” And if your boat doesn’t have a cabin with air conditioning, you may be questioning your life’s decisions by this point in the summer. But never fear: we’re here for you, and don’t sell your boat just yet. We have some clever tools for all budgets that will help keep you cool when the heat is on.

FroggToggs Cooling Towel
We cannot tell you how excited we were when we realized this towel actually works. Perfect for kayaks and smaller boats, the towels are highly absorbent and can absorb up to eight times their weight in water. Once wet, the towels produce a cooling effect with the help of simple evaporation, and will keep the towel cooler for longer periods of time. To activate, just get it wet, wring it out, then snap it and swing it around your neck. $2-30

Coolzy-Go Portable Air Conditioner
It’s an air conditioner that’s roughly the same size as your dehumidifier, and it works to cool your cabin quickly. Developed by Australian engineers (and those guys know about heat), the unit is designed to be simple and effective, bringing the temperature in your cabin down 20 degrees within ten minutes. $399-450

B-Kool Portable Cooling System
Whoever came up with this device deserves an award (and apparently they’ve received a few of them). The B-Kool portable cooling system was designed by airplane pilots who were becoming overheated in tight cabins. The cooler will hold up to 20 pounds of ice and water, and will create a cooling effect for over two hours, using an expandable air duct that can direct air. Empty, the cooler weighs less than 10 pounds, and is easily portable. We’re not sure if it can be used to keep beer cold when not in use. $299-379

Ryobi ONE+ Misting Personal Fan
CBM Creative Director Jill Allen won Father’s Day with this brilliant gift. A portable fan that puts out a significant misting effect, the Ryobi ONE+ will be your best friend on the boat (and also in the bleachers of a baseball game). The Whisper Series means that it’s quiet and effective, providing over 40 hours of run time before it needs a charge. And the handy clamp means you can attach it to the T-top of your boat and it won’t roll around the cockpit. $25