Feeling Disconnected from the Outdoors?

It’s winter, it’s cold and you might be wondering what can be done about it. Many of our clients ask us to create an all-season room, commonly called a sunroom. No matter what you call it, its purpose is to allow you to continue enjoying the outdoors while staying warm and cozy in even the coldest months. 

Here’s a look at two of the most common options to consider.

Consider how warm you want to be, and how and when you want to use the room. If you desire a cozy room with lots of glass and wonderful views of nature while the wind is howling and the snow (or freezing rain) is falling, then you need a room that is considered a living space. With smart designs, the space would flow with your existing home, be fully insulated, and meet state and county codes. This is a more expensive option but provides a great return on investment. 

Many of our clients choose to create a space where they are connected with the outdoors in three seasons and use the area less in winter. Because the room is not considered living space per state and county codes, you have more flexibility. Options can include an open or screened porch, an outdoor fireplace, or even a hot tub. With greater airflow, it creates a better connection with the seasons and surroundings. We suggest adding a heat source which can be designed and installed in many different ways. Imagine enjoying a space with a good blanket and a warm drink! 

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