Eastport B&B Gets Annapolis' First Tesla Charging Station

Tesla, the cutting-edge electric car maker, has chosen an Eastport, Annapolis bed and breakfast for the area’s first Destination Charging Station.

Tesla is creating a network of Destination Charging Stations, plug-ins for electric vehicles, that are located at hotels and other destinations you plan to stay for a few hours or overnight.

Tesla found the environmentally-minded Inn at Horn Point the perfect fit for a charging site. The owners, Cory and Carol Bonney, are already dedicated to green practices—and similar Tesla stations had caught their eye at a winery in Frederick, Maryland and several times in Europe.

The Inn at Horn Point installed three chargers, making it the first small business to have a Tesla charging station in all of Anne Arundel County. The chargers can be used directly with Tesla cars, or with other makes of electric vehicles using an adapter cord.

The just-elected Annapolis mayor, Gavin Buckley, ran his campaign on an environmental platform, so the Inn at Horn Point’s ribbon-cutting ceremony was one of his first official events in the community. Alderman Ross Arnette and other members of his administration joined the kickoff, as well as the local environmental group, Annapolis Green.

The Inn at Horn Point uses a number of environmentally-friendly actions, including buying energy through third party credits to support wind farming, composting, collecting rainwater, and using only non-toxic chemicals at the B&B.