Easton Airport Day Returns for an Exciting 14th Year

Easton Airport Day, a beloved event overseen by the Mid-Shore Community Foundation, is set to take flight once again on October 14, 2023. This celebration of aviation not only brings the local community together but also supports aspiring students through the Aviation Career Education (ACE) programs. With generous contributions from donors and sponsors, this event promises a day filled with awe-inspiring displays and thrilling competitions.

Micah Risher, Airport Manager, expressed his enthusiasm for the event, saying, “My favorite part of the event is watching people of all ages come together and enjoy our community airport. Seeing the warbirds fly over in formation puts a smile on your face, whether you are a child or 80 years old.”

The day’s schedule is packed with exhilarating activities, promising something for everyone. A highlight of the day is the Rubber Chicken Drop Contest, sponsored by Bluepoint Hospitality. This unique competition showcases pilots’ skills as they race down the runway and toss rubber chickens toward a target—the bed of an Easton Airport pickup truck. Hunter H. Harris from Aloft Aerial Photography sets the stage perfectly, saying, “Have you ever witnessed an airborne rubber chicken go from 120 mph into a vertical dive towards a target? Prepare yourself.”

Photo: Bruce Vinel

Manager Micah Risher echoes the sentiment, “The Rubber Chicken Drop Contest is a blast and a highlight of Easton Airport Day. We are honored to have Bluepoint Hospitality back as the sponsor of this unique competition. It is a true example of how much fun aviators have flying these amazing machines.”

Pilots eagerly anticipate this challenge throughout the year, with some even designing their own “chicken launchers” to gain an edge. Yet, hitting the bullseye remains a feat that continues to elude many.

Easton Airport Day is not only a day of thrilling aviation displays but also a platform to foster an appreciation for aviation and the vital role Easton Airport plays in the community. Admission is free, and various food vendors will be on-site to satisfy every palate.

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