Chesapeake Oyster Lovers’ Handbook, by Susan Elnicki & Bill Wade

by Joe Evans

Susan Elnicki and Bill Wade, authors of the Maryland and Virginia Crab Deck & Tiki Bar Guides, continue their culinary expeditions with a detailed guide to more than 120 Chesapeake oyster houses and tasting rooms from the top of the Bay to the Atlantic Coast, including the tidal Potomac and Washington DC. It’s safe to say that their Chesapeake Oyster Lover’s Handbook is the most comprehensive resource of its kind, and it confirms that our region is on track to reclaiming the title as the world’s greatest oyster source. The authors also compiled a directory of over 70 oyster growers including flavor profiles of the products. Furthermore, the couple maintains an online page of updates to track the ever-changing terrain of new places and oyster farms.

This is a book to keep in your car for those times when you are compelled to stop and slurp a dozen. You know you do.