BWI Awards

Chesapeake Bay Magazine’s Boating Writers International 2016 Award Winners

Wendy Mitman Clarke
Third Place: Weather Eye column (Boating Columns)
Certificate of Merit: “Breaking the Ice”
January 2016 (Environmental awareness & Education)

Ann Eichenmuller
Certificate of Merit: “Rules of the Ramp”
June 2016 (Boating Lifestyles)

Tom Hale
Certificate of Merit: “The Bay’s Ups and Downs”
September 2016 (Boating Issues, News, Analysis)

Marty LeGrand
Third Place: “The Great Rebound”
September 2016 (Environmental awareness & Education)




Jody Argo Schroath
Second Place: Jody’s Log column
(Boating Columns)

Karen Soule
Certificate of Merit: “Boaters Beware!”
July 2016 (Environmental awareness & Education)

Brice Stump
Certificate of Merit: “Art Daniel, Captain of the Bay”
December 2016 (Boating Profiles)

John Page Williams
Certificate of Merit: “Power Play”
June 2016 (Boat/Engine Care and Maintenance)