Bold New Mural Graces Havre de Grace Maritime Museum

If you haven’t been up to Havre de Grace recently, the city’s Maritime Museum and Environmental Center is looking a lot different.

The Museum brought in internationally-recognized Philadelphia artist Paul Santoleri, to create a big, bold mural on the outside of the building. “Windward Trim” is a painting in three sections, showing ships, nautical instruments, and waterfront creatures. Santoleri aims to convey buoyancy and movement with his art.

“I tried to make a piece that was both responsive and sensitive to the architecture of the building, yet added a new layer of life that might reveal and inform about the building’s exhibit’s and programs,” he explains.

Santoleri has created commissioned works of art in Paris, Brazil, and Scotland, as well as throughout Philadelphia.

The Havre de Grace Maritime Museum and Environmental Center is situated adjacent to the city waterfront promenade. Its new artwork brings a vibrant touch to Havre de Grace’s tradition.

-Meg Walburn Viviano