Boating's Best Action Photography in New Mariners' Museum Exhibit

The Mariners’ Museum takes us behind the camera lens for those adrenaline-filled times on the water with its new exhibit, “Seizing the Moment: The Evolution of Action Photography.”

Fishing Schooner (circa 1912) by Edwin Levick

The exhibit opens this Saturday, February 23 and will include images by modern-day marine photographers and never-before-seen prints from the Horace Havemeyer III Collection, dating back to the early 1900s.

The Havemeyer Collection is made up of 336 gelatin silver prints by master marine photographers Morris Rosenfeld, Edwin Levick, and others. It was given to the museum in 2015 in memory of sailor Horace Havemeyer III. “Thanks to the generous gift of (Horace’s wife) Eugenie Havemeyer, we are able to share the story of how these two influential maritime photographers faced the challenges of dealing with wind, weather, and rolling seas,” says the Mariners’ Museum. “The works we chose to highlight serve as a testament to their skill as action photographers.”

Rosenfeld (or “Rosy,” as he was affectionately known) and Levick, contemporaries in their craft, were renowned for capturing images that make viewers feel part of the action. Their subjects included sailboats underway, waterways, and other pieces of maritime life. Rosenfeld worked for Levick before opening a studio of his own in 1910.

  Tusitalia Cutting through Waves in Open Water , 1925, by Morris Rosenfeld
Tusitalia Cutting through Waves in Open Water , 1925, by Morris Rosenfeld

Mariners’ Museum members will be treated to a preview of the exhibit on February 22, and sailor, author, and amateur photographer John Rousmaniere will showcase his books and action photography detailing the highs and lows of sailing in “Photography Meets Seamanship.” The event is free for members and available to guests for $1 admission. The museum will also hold a Safety at Sea Seminar on February 24.

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Laura Adams Boycourt