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New functionality allows users to connect based on marina and yacht club affiliations

From hidden anchorages to new waterfront dining locations, there is always something new to discover while exploring the Chesapeake Bay. But how do you know where the best places to visit are or how to take the safest route to get there?

Local boating advice is always important, and these days boaters can get a helping hand from new technology like Argo – a navigation and social boating app created by a lifelong Chesapeake Bay boater that takes local, word-of-mouth advice to the next level. 

Bay area boaters are finding new ways to use Argo to improve their navigation planning, discover new places or meet for a raft-up with a group of friends.  

Many boaters like Argo’s ability to create a safe route based on your boat’s draft. Tim, a Potomac area sailor, relies on the custom autorouting, “Running aground is always a sailor’s concern. Argo helps me avoid shallow water and gives me an extra sense of comfort.” Rick, a boater near the mouth of the bay, says Argo helps him quickly & accurately plan trips to multiple locations, “Autoroute will predict a distance and time much faster than I could possibly do manually.”

Doug, an upper Chesapeake boater, uses Argo with a group of friends. “I find that Argo is super easy to use when leading a group of 8 boats to a weekend overnight location. It keeps everyone in a safe channel, and I am more confident having Argo as my co-captain. I can also save favorite locations and share with friends.”

Bran, who hails from Annapolis, is enjoying the social features to meet up with friends on the water. “We use the Argo app as part of our journeys from tiki bar to tiki bar. I can find new places to check out or easily see where my friends are on the map to meet up with them on the bay.”

Argo aims to help you Boat Better Together with easy-to-use navigation combined with an active boating community that you can turn to for navigation advice, local knowledge, destination reviews, and more. 

New Features – Marina & Club Affiliations

With our new Affiliations feature you can include which marinas and yacht clubs you are affiliated with in your profile! Connecting with boaters from your marina or yacht club will help you plan trips together, meet for raft-ups or simply stay posted on what’s happening on the water.

Go to your Argo profile and under Affiliations select Edit and Add Affiliation.

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