Two people were rescued from inside this wrecked boat. Photo: Marine Emergency Team 21

Boat Crashes into Middle River Daymarker, Badly Injuring Two People

The photo has been drawing shock on social media, and Bay Bulletin is learning more details about the bad crash that sent two people to Shock Trauma last week.

The all-volunteer marine rescue crew that serves the area, Marine Emergency Team 21 (MET21), took the photo. They responded Thursday evening around 7 p.m. to the mouth of the Middle River after overhearing something about a vessel collision on VHF radio.

When they arrived, MET21 found the boat had struck a green marker at the mouth of the river. Towboat operators on the scene told them two people were still in the cabin of the boat. They located a man and a woman down below.

“It is believed the velocity of the collision launched both persons into the open cabin,” MET21 Chief Shannon Stallings tells Bay Bulletin.

Nearby rescue crew Marine Emergency Team 26 transported one patient to Bowleys Marina, where EMS were waiting . MET21 transported the second patient to Bowleys, and both were rushed to Baltimore’s Shock Trauma in critical condition.

Maryland Natural Resources Police say the man and woman are expected to survive. Police are still investigating what caused the boat to strike the marker.

-Meg Walburn Viviano