Bay Boaters Using Argo App to Navigate and Meet Up

Bran Stisher knows that you can spend a lifetime on the water and still not discover all the best spots located along the small inlets, coves and rivers of the Chesapeake Bay.

In the past, a fellow boater might tip you off to a new tiki bar. Perhaps, a friend would extend an invite to a weekend meet up. Or maybe you happened upon a treasured anchorage while exploring the eastern shore. These days, Stisher counts on a more reliable source for his weekend water outings: Argo, the free boating app that helps you navigate, share and connect with the boating community.

“I’ve been boating the Bay for over 20 years,” says Stisher, a 50-year-old Annapolis resident who can often be found on his 34-foot Sea Ray. “My friends and I spent almost every weekend last summer on the Bay. This summer should be no different. We use the Argo app as part of our journeys, from location to location, tiki bar to tiki bar, and meet up point to the next.”

“We found a great place up off the West River where boats meet up, tie in and raft-up last year,” Stisher said. “It turns into a big party.”

Argo offers charts, auto-routing, real-time hazard reports, a captain’s log, and more. But it’s the social feed that appeals to Stisher and his friends.

On a typical outing, Stisher could be heading to Kent Island for a day of festivities, but a quick check on Argo might show him that most of his buddies are hanging out at the Pirates Cove Restaurant and Dock Bar in Galesville. That’s a welcome detour to his final destination.

Reviews, photos and voyages that other boaters share on Argo can also be conducive to picking the next meetup.
“I can see where my friends are going on the map,” Stisher says. “We can track where we are heading. I can identify other boaters and discover new points of interest. It’s a great way to meet up along the Bay.”

The Argo app is available as a free download on the App Store and Google Play Store. Learn more at